COURSE 503: EM385-1-1 Safety & Health - Sections 20-26

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This is the fourth course in our five-course EM 385-1-1 Safety and Health program. Contractors working at military bases must comply with the requirements of USACE EM 385-1-1.

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Key Topics

  • Pressurized Equipment and Systems
  • Fall Protection
  • Work Platforms and Scaffolding
  • Demolition
  • Safe Access, Ladders, Floor and Wall Openings
  • Stairs and Railing Systems
  • Excavations and Trenching
  • Underground Construction (Tunnels), Shafts, and Caissons

Target Audience

  • Employee
  • Supervisor
  • Manager
  • Contractor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Welcome to the course

The EM 385-1-1 Manual

EM385-1-1 prescribes the safety and health requirements for all Corps of Engineers activities and operations. The "EM" in the manual's title means Engineers Manual.

The Department of Defense has mandated that EM385-1-1, Safety and Health Requirements, be the "primary document" for the safety parameters on all construction projects. Contractors working at military bases must comply with the requirements of USACE EM-385-1-1. All managers, supervisors, contractors, or construction personnel working on military contracts and any worker needing to be compliant with EM 385-1-1 regulations and compliance standards.

The manual applies to Headquarters, US Army Corps of Engineers (HQUSACE) elements, major subordinate commands, districts, centers, laboratories, and field operating activities (FOA), as well as USACE contracts and those administered on behalf of USACE. Applicability extends to occupational exposure for missions under the command of the Chief of Engineers, whether accomplished by military, civilian, or contractor personnel.

Purpose of the course

The purpose of the course is to give students an awareness of the contents and format of the EM385-1-1 manual as required by USACE. It is not intended to give students competency in achieving the various requirements within the manual. To achieve the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) described in the manual, adequate instruction, training, and practice in the various policies, programs, processes, procedures, and practices must be completed by taking addition training. The text and reference for this course is the EM 385-1-1 Manual, dated 30 November 2014.

Course Objectives

This course will cover the topics in Sections 20-26 and will inform and help you understand the following information related to each of these Sections:

  • Contractor responsibilities for designing, developing, and deploying an effective safety and health program that complies with the requirements of the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

  • The required plans, programs, policies, processes, and procedures that help to ensure hazard free work on USACE facilities and projects.

  • The needed knowledge and skills to manage programs, recognize hazards, prevent accidents, inspect and enforce regulatory requirements.

  • Identify the skills required to identify, prevent, and correct potential and actual safety and health hazards on construction worksites.

  • The basic knowledge and skills needed to effectively review, analyze and evaluate contractor Accident Prevention Plans (APP) and Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA)

  • The Skills required to perform effective incident and accident mishap investigations, properly document the facts, and implement safety and health requirements of EM385-1-1.

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Welcome to the course

Download each of the module study guides below as needed. Each study guide includes questions that will be on the final exam. The best way to study is to review each question and "hunt" for the answers. To help make sure you achieve a passing score, review all of the module questions just before taking the final exam. We have also included an optional video produced by NAVFAC. None of the exam questions are taken from the videos. You can also download the complete EM385-1-1, Safety and Health Requirements, for study.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CURRENT STUDENTS: This course has been updated to include all study questions within each module study guide. Questions are no longer located in a separate tab. We reduced the total number of study questions by over half to more closely match sections emphasized by COE and NAVFAC. All questions within the study guides may also be on the final exam, so make sure you find the answers before taking the exam.

Course 503 Final Exam

Congratulations on finishing the coursework! To pass the exam, you must achieve a minimum score of 80%. It is OSHAcademy's policy to protect the integrity of our exams and, as a result, we do not provide missed questions to students. We do provide missed-question module section references for study should you wish to retake the exam.

After you have studied all of the course material and taken the module quizzes, you can take the final exam. The module quizzes are optional, but we highly recommend you take each quiz, as the questions are similar to those on the final exam.

This is an open book exam. As you are taking the exam, if you find a question you are unsure of, you should use the course study guide or course web pages to research the correct answer. Don't worry if you fail the exam. You can study and retake the exam when you are ready.

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