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Ku-dos: praise or respect given

Andrew H., United StatesFebruary 2023

"I really enjoyed this. This was my first experience taking a OSHA course online and I am pleased with the way everything is put together and user friendly."

Angelo P., United StatesNovember 2022

"I find that the step by step, what, why and how format of this course (Course 702 Effective Accident Investigation)easy to follow. The investigation theories were exceptionally challenging for me. For years I have been lead to believe in the single event and domino theory because it is widely used and accepted in the construction safety culture. The Multiple Event theory was difficult to accept at first but through study of this course I understand why this thinking is so wrong on so many levels."

Ron N., United StatesAugust 2022

"When I first began viewing the courses and programs available, I was a little intimidated. But I enrolled in the 132-hour Occupational Safety and Health Professional Program. I must say that I am impressed with the training I received as well as the recognition of having the certification. I am currently enrolled in the 233-hour Oil and Gas Safety Professional Program and look forward to positive results."

Christine C., United StatesJune 2022

"This course (755 Bloodborne Pathogens Program Management) was thorough, not only as a resource for learning and expanding knowledge of Bloodborne Pathogens but also in preparing exposure control plans/policies and how training should be presented to employees. In comparison to other courses I've taken over the years, this one definitely explains the administrative side of things better, in a clear and concise manner."

Gene A., United StatesMay 2022

"OSHAcademy is the best online training platform I've seen. I'm an OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer for Construction and General Industry. Your platform is the only one I recommend for online Safety Training."

Brian P., New GuineaMarch 2022

"I really appreciate the content of this course (700 Introduction to Safety Management) because it taught me what I would be doing if I am in a management position in Safety & Health. It opened up my thinking into the job. It's also good because it teaches important safety concepts and they are properly explained and connected with industry standard practices here in Papua New Guinea, especially in the Oil and Gas industry."

Hasina A., MadagascarNovember 2021

"I do really enjoy the learnings and empowering my technical vocabularies in a word-class-safety culture and convinced in the high importance of having safety committee educated, trained and effective, not only for saving lives but as well as saving thousands of dollars to the management. "

Dave M., Trinidad & TobagoAugust 2021

"I am new to the Health and Safety field and the introduction I've had through this course (Course 625: HIPAA Privacy Training) has exceeded my expectations primarily because of it's direct relevance to my current job. Everything I learned here was directly relatable to stuff I encounter on a daily basis at work. This course has thus far "opened" my eyes to a whole new "world" in health & safety."

Kenneth Z., United StatesMarch 2021

"OSHAcademy has prepared me with the skills and knowledge needed to become more effective in safety. The courses and programs are excellent and give all who participate in them a cutting edge on specific fields of interest. OSHAcademy is by far the best I happened to come across and I am proud to have accomplished what I have. Thank you OSHAcademy!"

Richard D., United StatesDecember 2020

"I was compelled to write to you to tell you how much I enjoy attending the OSHAcademy. I received my 132 hour OSH Professional certificate along with some other additional certificates. I will be back at the academy for some extra training very soon. I am a prior member of the Armed Services and retired firefighter. I recommended your site to others like me who are familiar with safety and are interested in refresher training and enhancing their education. Your platform offers great information without the burden of a brick and mortar and some of the other difficulties we are facing, especially during these times. This is straightforward adult education on very important matters which expounds beyond workplace practices. Safety is an all day everyday topic which is relevant in all aspects of life, and your site teaches that."

David C., United StatesFebruary 2020

"I have enjoyed working on the courses that you have. I have learned a lot from the courses and it is a great way to keep up with the changes in the safety requirements for each area of construction. I really like that everything is free to access and this allows many others to be able to get the information that they need to be able to do their work safely. I think it would be a great idea if more of the agencies that develop the standards allowed free access to the information instead of charging a fortune just to get the information."

Agidiogun S., NigeriaFebruary 2019

"The material provided by OSHAcademy is an invaluable material that is priceless and has strongly improved my skills and knowledge in best industry practices. It focuses on the OSHA Standard, which of course is adopted by majority of the oil, gas and construction industry operating in Nigeria. I just want to say thank you for the support and for providing such a platform that provides training whose value far outweigh the price placed on the course. Keep improving health and safety through knowledge sharing."

Wesley S., EHS Manager, American Furniture WarehouseDecember 2018

"OSHAcademy has not only educated me to be a successful EHS manager, but it has also allowed the company I work for to be recognized by OSHA and have a published article on the OSHA website for a reduction in strains... The training modules are up-to-date and gives all the information you need to become a safety professional. I encourage anybody who works in a business who chooses to make safety a priority, utilize the training OSHAcademy provides... All employees need to understand the importance of safety and OSHAcademy helps get this done."

Brian W., United StatesOctober 2018

"I am overwhelmed at the generosity of OSHAcademy. I truly appreciate the opportunity to learn through this institution. I have always recommended this training to employers and employees looking to build their knowledge. Thank you for supporting our great Veterans, especially in these hard times when Veterans need wonderful supporters like OSHAcademy. I am sure your generosity has possibly been just the break some of our great Veterans have needed. Again I am truly grateful. I look forward to recommending OSHAcademy to many more up coming safety professionals."

James W., United States May 2018

"I am a former EHS Manager of twenty years. I have been out of the industry recovering and then rehabilitating from a serious injury. I have recovered and am ready to jump back into the field. My first interview for a Safety position in ten years is tomorrow. I have spent the last two weeks refreshing my knowledge and learning what has changed by taking several of your courses and reading many of your materials, all for free. None of this would have been affordable to me if I had to pay and the process of plowing through the CFR to refresh my knowledge would have taken me months. I will remember your service when it comes time for me to get certified. I want to thank you for providing this service for free. Promoting learning for those who want to work safe and prevent workplace accidents, yet cannot afford to pay is an admirable endeavor, I salute you. Thank you very much! "